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Furusato building

Furusato is a small and friendly,family-run Japanese- style inn.
Trees bud in the Spring, deep green surrounds us in the Summer, leaves change color in the Autumn, and silent snow falls in the Winter. Surround yourself in the beauty of Japan’s nature. Relax in our soothing hot springs. Enjoy our warm hospitality. Be our guest at Furusato.


Message from the Wakaokami

There is staff who can speak English.
If you have any questions and requests, please feel free to ask us.
We welcome guests from overseas. Let’s talk in English!

Historical architecture

You can enjoy good old Japan in Furusato. Because it is a re-creation of a traditional mountain village of old Japanese houses, there are many sunken hearths. The oldest house is constructed during the late Edo period (about 160 years ago).

Irori in the lobby
Traditional building
Irori in the room
Japanese-style room

Hot springs

At our ryokan, guests can enjoy the Fukuji Onsen at their source, from naturally free-flowing water. We have two hot spring sources. One is medicinal bath that has been in use for generations. The other is a newer source that is good for your skin.
They will heal your body and soul.
We hope that more and more guests will take the opportunity to enjoy these fine hot spring baths.

Indoor bath
Outdoor bath


All our rooms are traditional Japanese style. A variety of room types are available to satisfy our guests’ different needs.
Choose your favorite layout, size and bath type.
If you enjoy taking a nice relax bath, we'd recommend the room with the bath.

Room with the bath
Room with the bath
Room101, Room102, Room103, Room105 and Room112


In the dining hall of our ryokan, guests can enjoy Japanese cuisines sitting around Irori (the traditional Japanese fireplaces).
We serve you the best out of the great variety of fresh local food according to the seasons in our traditional kaiseki dinner. Each dish is handmade with loving care ant the utmost attention to detail. We hope that the meal does more than pleased your plate; we want to move you emotionally with the dining experience.
Hida Takayama is famous for, since the past, its local vegetables, mushrooms and river fish.
You can enjoy a typical Takayama cuisine with Hida beef steak, fresh tomato juice, Hohba miso and miso soup.

Cuisine 1
Cuisine 2

The Taste of Mom’s cooking of the Hida region

Although our meals are by no means gorgeous,we will serve you with rustic but tasty dishes that Hida people has valued since a long time ago.
We hope that you like the taste that might trace the memories in your mind and somehow make you feel nostalgic.
Sitting around the heath and feeling nostalgia for the old days and Okuhida, please enjoy your meal.

Dinner Sample
Hot Pot Dish Seasonal hot pot dish
Grilled Dish Hidagyu beef steak grilled on a magnolia leaf, Grilled mountain trout with salt, Taro dengaku with egoma-miso paste
Steamed Dish Boiled ostrich fern with ‘egoma (wild sesame)’ sauce
Vinegared Dish Edible crysanthemum flower in sweetened vinegar
Three Side Dishes Boiled beef ‘shigure’, Gifu specialty ‘komo tofu (bean curd)’, Seasoned yam and okura
Raw Fish Slice Plate Mountain trout ‘sashimi’
Soup White ‘maitake’ mushroom soup
Rice Dish Steamed rice
Sweets Rice cake wrapped in bamboo grass
Fruit Melon


Okuhida Onsen FURUSATO


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